Update Response Headers on Cloudflare Workers

Do you have a static website and you want to change response headers, but the hosting provider does not provide a way to do that? Cloudflare workers makes it easy to do that.


Custom Load Balancing With Cloudflare Worker

Launched your website? Getting lot of traffic? And you are planning to add more servers? You will need load balanacers for scalability and reliability of your website.

In this post, we will learn about load balancers and how to set them up at a low cost with Cloudflare Service Workers.


Host Product Blog in Subdirectory Instead of Subdomain

You have a SAAS product. Now you want to add articles, blogs, tutorials, etc to support your product or for content marketing and SEO. Should you have these hosted as a subdomain (https://blog.example.com) or as a subdirectory (https://example.com/blog)?


Serve Home Page From CDN with Cloudflare Worker

Cloudflare Service Worker helped Codiva jump at least 2 positions in Google by speading up home page response. I did it by serving the new users (and search crawler) from the edge, and avoiding redirects for logged in users.

Let us take a look at the undocumented hack using Cloudflare workers.