Host Saas Product Blog in Subdirectory Instead of Subdomain

You have a SAAS product. Now you want to add articles, blogs, tutorials, etc to support your product or for content marketing and SEO. Should you have these hosted as a subdomain ( or as a subdirectory (


Serve Home Page From CDN with Cloudflare Worker

Cloudflare Service Worker helped Codiva jump at least 2 positions in Google by speading up home page response. I did it by serving the new users (and search crawler) from the edge, and avoiding redirects for logged in users.

Let us take a look at the undocumented hack using Cloudflare workers.


How to Embed Java Programs on Your Blog

Do you have a Java tutorials blog?

Do you want to let your users read and run the programs from your site?

Then you can embed Codiva project with 3 easy steps.


How to Compile and Run Java Program Online

If you are learning Java, or practicing for coding interviews, you need a fast way to run many short programs.

Codiva Online IDE is best suited for your usecase. No installation needed. Works on Chromebooks and even on mobile.